Thursday, 13 October 2016

KTSL hosts the first BMC Innovator House with enterprise developers in the UK

With the upcoming release of BMC Innovation Suite, KTSL is excited to be hosting the first UK Innovator House.

Innovation Suite is a brand new solution from BMC that empowers developers and business analysts to co-create powerful enterprise apps with stunning user experiences. This will be the first BMC Innovator House in the UK, the first outside the US and the first to involve enterprise developers outside of BMC’s beta program.

The UK Innovator House Program starts October 18 - 20 in a grand house in Surrey. The KTSL Remedy development team will be joined by BMC Lead Developers, BMC Product Management and several enterprise developers who will come together to build an app to showcase at BMC Exchange London. We are excited to test the power and simplicity of the new platform to produce a new app in the few days the team have together. 

Thursday, 11 August 2016

How BMC Discovery supports successful CMDB projects

KTSL's next Webinar on how BMC Discovery supports successful CMDB projects this is being held on Wednesday 14th September at 1pm.

KTSL has delivered many successful CMDB projects and, from talking to customers, there would appear to be a growth in the number of CMDB-related projects.

The benefits of a good CMDB traverse the entire IT organisation, giving complete control over the service lifecycle.

The CMDB should provide a complete, accurate, and up-to-date view of the people, technologies, and services that make up your business and IT environments.

Using BMC Discovery, we will show how we: -

  • ·         Discover IT assets and populate the CMDB
  • ·         Keep CMDB information up-to-date and accurate
  • ·         Map services that support business and IT
  • ·         Automatically keep services maps up to date
  • ·         Eliminate manual efforts to collect configuration data

We will also discuss how the KTSL approach to CMDB project implementation helps to ensure success.

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

KTSL & Panacea Risk at BBA Senior Manager Regime (SMR) Forum

KTSL with Panacea Risk (part of the Panacea Group) are excited to be sponsoring and exhibiting at British Bankers' Association (BBA) Senior Managers Regime (SMR) Forum on Wednesday 6th July.

We will be presenting and discussing our Personal Accountability Solution, which fully supports all 4 key requirements of the Individual Accountability Regulations:

  • Senior Managers Regime
  • Certified Persons Regime
  • Conduct Rules and Breaches
  • Responsibilities Map
Key Solution Benefits
  • Reduces the risk of breaching the Individual Accountability Regulations
  • Reduces senior manager exposure by enabling a firm wide implementation that clearly delineates levels and scope of responsibilities
  • Implements key Individual Accountability Regime (IAR) processes that firms can use straight away, reducing internal costs and implementation times
  • Supports a comprehensive audit trail that enables compliance with regulatory requirements with respect to record keeping

Monday, 27 June 2016

uControl for BMC Discovery (ADDM) continues to increase value

uControl for BMC Discovery (ADDM) is a product that dramatically speeds up mapping of business applications, and simplifies and speeds up the administration of BMC Discovery. With uControl continually developing, it adds even greater value to customers.

Dramatically speed up Application Mapping

Reduce the cost and time in providing application dependency maps by up to 80%

·         Build maps using GUI and Forms without using code or understanding BMC Discovery
·         Allow Application Owners to map their own applications without training in BMC Discovery
·         Model an Application across all environments (Prod, Pre-Prod, Dev) in 1 action
·         Identifies Application model changes with approval process
·         Contextual overlays for Application Models (Business Information, Network Zones, Customer Boundary, Network Infrastructure)
·         Ability to enforce naming conventions for Application Models
·         Control Application Model sign off and publish to CMDB process
·         Role based access. Control who can update Applications Maps based on role
·         Audit Log, so that stages of the application model lifecycle activity can be tracked
·         Integrations with Service Desks

 Simplify and speed up the Administration of BMC Discovery

Reduce the cost of supporting and managing BMC Discovery by up to 50%

·         Centralised management of all BMC Discovery appliances
·         Reduce the skill level required to support BMC Discovery
·         Automated dynamic scan schedule ranges through integration with Network provisioning tools
·         Schedule TKU / TPL deployments across all BMC Discovery appliances
·         Data Quality checking to highlight changes in data before / after changes (TKU update / Discovery Upgrade etc.).
·         Automate reporting, schedule custom reports and email reports – all configured through UI of uControl
·         Ensure that each BMC Discovery appliance is scanning, patched and operating correctly from single interface
·         Updating / deploying scans, excludes


·         Cascade BMC Discovery administration for multi-tenant deployments through localised appliance management
·         Manage multiple customer BMC Discovery environments from a single pane of glass
·         Utilise the uControl MSP capability to provide centralised management of BMC Discovery within customers that have secure / non-secure zones.
·         Ability to undertake Application modelling projects where an application model can be produced across all customers (with customer boundary overlay) while only deploying to the customer appliance the model specific to that customer.

Thursday, 2 June 2016

FCA and PRA Individual Accountability Regime Webinar

We are running a Webinar demonstrating our Individual Accountability Regime solution on 15th June from 13.00-1400. 

With the new regulations from the FCA & PRA around Strengthening the alignment of risk and reward in Financial organisations, there is a lot of work to be done over the next two years.
Bringing together governance and operational elements, and providing transparency and on-going accountability will be crucial.

With our solution

  • Individuals can see all their responsibilities in a single view
  • Allows complete allocation of responsibilities across the company with gaps and changes easily identified
  • Manages the process of assigning responsibilities, fit and proper tests, with follow-on actions such as training identified
  • Enables raising and reporting of breaches to be done easily and consistently
  • Single point of record to demonstrate effective compliance to regulators
  • Fully Auditable

Who should attend

  • HR Managers
  • Risk and Compliance
  • Senior IT Management

Mark Robinson
Managing Director cid:image001.png@01D19A53.38927360

KTSL Limited

Friday, 6 May 2016

You can leverage your investment in BMC Remedy and Microsoft SharePoint without the integration headache!

Around 50% of the Fortune 500 organisations use Microsoft SharePoint for business process management, business intelligence, records management or company-wide Intranet/Extranet.

Allowing company users of a SharePoint Intranet site to access and track BMC Remedy services has obvious ROI benefits. These include reducing calls and email traffic to the Service Desk and allowing these users to access services via an interface they are more familiar with. Conversely, allowing agents who spend most of their working day in BMC Remedy to access knowledge mastered in SharePoint from their native knowledge search results in faster call resolution and increases their productivity.

So…why don’t organisations Integrate SharePoint and BMC Remedy?

From our experience it’s commonly one or more of the following:

1.    The non-availability of expensive and in-demand resources from both SharePoint and BMC Remedy teams makes even a simple integration challenging. There is often a lack of ownership over the integration as a whole and because of this the technical challenges become roadblocks.

2.    SharePoint administrators will commonly look to use the existing standard SharePoint list and form views for any integration. In certain use cases these are acceptable. However, for solutions aimed at wider, non-technical, audiences (such as presenting a service catalogue in SharePoint) these do not present attractive interfaces and provide very limited flexibility for blending into customised corporate intranet pages.

3.    Where SharePoint is a focal point for large areas of the business there will almost certainly have been significant spend on the site branding. For some examples of how “un-SharePoint-ey” sites can look take a look at the review on


Unfortunately incorporating integrations into heavily branded pages will always add significant cost because it requires they use of specialised SharePoint and .NET developers, along with BMC Remedy resources, to create this seamless integration.

4.    A general perception that the integration challenges for any internal project will not be justified by the ROI or the ROI has not been articulated at all.

We offer a simple, elegant solution to displaying your BMC Remedy data within SharePoint or pulling content mastered in SharePoint into BMC Remedy for use by agents. 

ShareRemedy Interact addresses most of the above challenges. It provides an accelerator tool that will allow even business analysts with little to no experience of either platform to create the initial integration rapidly.

The customer has complete control over the final deployed, with flexibility on appearance and function using standard HTML and CSS. The solution can be seamlessly integrated into a corporate site within aggressive timelines. The solution is deployed via standard Microsoft deployment controls and can be supported by internal teams with basic SharePoint and web skills.

We also recognise that sometimes the initial requirement is very simple and can provide tailored, cost effective, pre-packaged solutions designed to solve common use cases such as view incidents, submit an incident and approve a request.  These packages can commonly be deployed and used on a customer site in just a few days.

Finally, we can provide real-world ROI examples for customers who have implemented ShareRemedy either in terms of increased self-service uptake or reduction in calls/emails to the Service Desk.

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Join KTSL for Panacea Workflow Studio (for Remedy) Webinar

We are hosting a Webinar and demonstration of Workflow Studio v5 at 15.00 (BST) on Thursday 12th May and would like to invite you to join us.

Panacea Workflow Studio is the migration, analysis and maintenance tool for Remedy AR System applications. It is designed to automate the migration of objects between server environments, to facilitate performance improvements and enable Remedy Administrators to troubleshoot and better understand their applications.

Key Features:
·           Migrate Remedy workflow / data between Servers
·           Create Patch Files of development changes
·           Snapshot your Server for off-line review or archiving
·           Cross Reference and navigate between Remedy objects
·           Comparison Engine - Compare Workflow, Data
·           Find objects/constant values instantly
·           Document your Remedy AR environments
·           Graphical View of application model
·           Identify inefficient queries