5 key reasons to get your cloud costs under control

Digital transformation is driving rapid cloud adoption, causing a significant change in IT infrastructure buying practices and a shift of IT capital expenditures to IT operational expenditures. This creates new challenges for IT organisations, as they are unprepared for the complexity in identifying what infrastructure resources are needed and determining the best price models to use. With buyers of public cloud services throughout the organization, IT and business owners are often faced with overspending on infrastructure resources and face these 5 key challenges:

  1. Track and manage cloud costs
  2. Simulate migrations
  3. Eliminate wasted spend
  4. Prevent budget overruns
  5. Maximize savings

BMC's TrueSight Cloud Cost Control service expense management solution solves these challenges by using machine learning to optimise costs and resource utilisation for multi-cloud infrastructure services, providing insight and control over operating expenditures and budgets:

  1. Track and manage cloud costs with visibility across multi-cloud infrastructure
  2. Simulate migrations to deploy the right resources at the right cost
  3. Eliminate wasted spend by right-sizing resources and terminating idle resources
  4. Prevent budget overruns with insight to changes in spending
  5. Maximize savings by effectively managing use of reserved instances

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With simulated migration, you can properly determine public cloud resource needs, compare costs, and plan operational budgets. A single view of on-premises and public cloud infrastructure usage and spend keeps you in control of infrastructure costs and utilization. By automatically detecting anomalous spending patterns and tracking daily spend, you can prevent costly budget overruns. Additionally, automated recommendations for optimizing resource usage helps you reduce cost and eliminate wasted spend.

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