6 ITSM Tools to Improve Workplace Productivity


We're a BMC Software Elite Partner and the longest-serving partner in the UK. As well being a trusted partner for BMC's range of applications, we have also developed our own suite of ITSM solutions based on what we've learnt from working with our clients. Whether BMC or KTSL, our focus is firmly on helping to tackle inefficiencies, improve processes and support successful adoption of digital services.

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So what ITSM tools do we provide? Read on for a round up of just some of the solutions we offer to drive your journey towards a truly integrated and productive ITSM environment. 

  1. BMC Remedyforce
  2. KASPA Tech Bar
  3. BMC Footprints
  4. BMC Track-It!
  5. KUPA Artificial Intelligence
  6. BMC Helix Remedy

1. BMC Remedyforce

If you're looking for complete ITSM functionality with collaborative capabilities BMC Remedyforce is a great choice.

BMC Remedyforce enables service desk agents to communicate with users wherever they are, regardless of location or device. Built from the ground up, its environment delivers complete functionality by providing social, mobile and collaboration tools. 

So what features and capabilities does BMC Remedyforce give to users?

  • Asset Inventory & Configuration Management
  • Omni-channel self-service with chatbots that are capable of extending to Slack, Skype and mobile
  • Service Request Management/Service Catalogue
  • Service Level Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Intuitive dashboards and reporting that help to resolve 90% of IT tickets on the first call
  • Release Management
  • Change Management

These are just a small number of BMC Remedyforce's functions. From an ITSM perspective, this solution is a one-stop-shop for increasing user productivity. It scales well to the size and needs of your business, combining IT operations management (ITOM) with cognitive capabilities. For efficiency, compliance and security, BMC Remedyforce is the go-to.

2. KASPA Tech Bar

KASPA is a fully configurable software application and design solution supporting the build and rollout of your tech bar, in any location. KASPA Tech Bars can occupy a physical, on-site space, or can operate virtually, supporting remote and hybrid working models.

Imagine one of your employees working from home and they encounter a laptop issue and need a replacement. Typically, the user would be unable to work until a replacement was found. With KASPA however, the user locates the nearest KASPA Tech Bar or Smart Locker using a phone application. Using an access code on their mobile, they can unlock the smart locker to access the replacement laptop, leaving behind the one that needs to be repaired.

So what does this mean for your users and ITSM team?

  • Less downtime and user frustration
  • Faster resolution time and tailored service
  • Increased service levels
  • Reduced service desk calls
  • Automatic ticket updating

This means you’ll experience the dual benefits of increased user satisfaction and increased ITSM efficiency.

Overall, tech bars are a significant benefit. They help to improve the employee experience, especially for those working remotely, alongside reducing lost productivity and providing a completely unique level of customer service.

3. BMC Footprints

Visibility and control have always been key focuses for the service management professional, especially when it comes to improving service delivery and IT asset management. 

For that, service management professionals need an integrated IT service and asset management system that allows them to securely manage and control change so security is maintained and the risk of unplanned outages is minimised. BMC Footprints is the ITSM tool that does just that.

BMC Footprints allows users to:

  • Initiate, route, track and manage incidents driving process adherence (with no programming needed)
  • Monitor key metrics and adherence to SLAs. This helps reduce service outages and improve cross-functional communication
  • Visualise a clear picture of your assets and configurations. Without this, you can experience unauthorised configurations that could result in security risks

BMC Footprints also allows management of incidents, change and configuration and it's built-in service catalogue offers an extremely user-friendly way to request new services. 

4. BMC Track-It!

Track-It! is a ready-to-use ticketing system, perfect for small to medium-sized organisations.

This fully integrated solution is as easy-to-use as it is affordable. With top quality usability given by dashboard and analytics features, using Track-It! is a fast and easy way to take control of your IT assets.

Due to its popularity, Track-It! is currently used in over 50,000 organisations as their core ticketing solution. With over 280,000 licences provided globally, it’s the most popular ticketing solution by far. 

The key benefits and features of this system are its remote functionality. With mobile access and web-based self-servicing options, it’s both cost-effective and convenient

5. KUPA Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the next stage of productivity improvement. Our solution, KUPA, drives this improvement by analysing existing service management data, giving you the ability to properly understand what’s going on in your business at a granular level.

By spotting trends and patterns within the natural language of users and agents, KUPA provides solutions via knowledge articles that make tackling problems and supporting users to self-serve, easier than ever. 

Here’s a use-case. Traditionally, large volumes of tickets are raised, but the true meaning of the issues that cause them is misunderstood meaning the true cause isn't found. KUPA analyses the natural language patterns of users and identifies the underlying meaning of issues which allows Problem and Knowledge Managers to drill down into that data and identify solutions faster. 

This also helps to build a library of knowledge, meaning your employees can more easily solve their own problems without the need to raise tickets. 

Using KUPA you can find problems faster, reduce your ticket volumes, make data-driven decisions and increase your first-time fix rate.

4. BMC Helix (Remedy)

BMC Helix is an extensible, fully configurable ITSM platform that can be delivered either on-premises or in the Cloud.

The service provides:

  • Adaptive automation of any business service
  • Smart IT - an improved reporting feature designed to provide frictionless user experience
  • Improved anticipation for your IT needs, delivered by data-driven insights
  • A Cloud-based Helix platform which can be leveraged for ITSM with integration capability and Discovery, all from one SAAS platform reducing both implementation and administration demands
  • The Helix platform can be extended to support IT Operations Management (ITOM) solutions

The BMC Helix platform gives you all this, provided by just one vendor. For your employees, it’s incredibly easy to use and deploy, meaning your workforce can quickly experience the benefits. It also comes with a full Self-Service portal called Digital Workplace which provides a front door to your services including automation capability, and knowledge management. A mobile interface also allows BMC Helix to be used by employees straight away.

Our BMC Digital Workplace Case Study

To show you just how useful Digital Workplace can be, take a look at one of our past wins using Helix. We were tasked by a major bank to rebuild their Service Catalogue. The project included streamlining services, reducing process steps, automating requests for greater efficiency and improving the navigation of the catalogue.

We delivered an 86% reduction in catalogue items, making it easier for users to get to the right place. We freed up 4.7 resources annually through the 1st phase of automation and 219 layers of approval were removed while still maintaining audit. Total time saved by the bank, could now be measured in years.

This is just one example of how we at KTSL can support organisations in leveraging the latest innovative technology to promote automation and digital transformation. Discovering you have a problem is easy but discovering room for improvement can be trickier.

With our knowledge and experience, we can help you adopt and leverage new systems in ways you couldn’t have imagined, working to help your team work better. 

To discover more about our work or how our extensive range of ITSM tools and solutions can help you drive better productivity and employee experience, ask about a demo of any of any of the solutions in this blog.

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