Why KTSL are Specialists in Employee Experience Solutions

To maintain high levels of productivity, loyalty and efficiency across your organisation, you have to look to improving your employee experience. To do this, you need experienced, bespoke support that equips your employees with the right solutions.

employee experience solutions

We’re big believers in the importance of making workplaces the best they can be. If, like us, you want to unlock time, increase efficiency and reduce operational costs, read more to get started, looking at:

The Importance of Improving Employee Experience

We want our work to be meaningful. Employee experience is at the heart of that. When businesses improve their IT ecosystem, they can accurately find problems and focus on removing frustrations, enabling employees to work better and collaboratively.

Whether you want to pursue tangible commercial metrics or the holistic benefits of an improved employee experience, they both lead to the same focus - a seamless working environment. This shouldn’t be done for the sole reason of increasing costs - we believe it’s the right thing to do. 

Let’s face it; even the smallest issue like an unresolved service desk ticket can cause a big impact on your employee experience. Not only that but improving your digital ecosystem and employee experience also acts as a key brand differentiator. In fact, 86% of companies said they’d require intelligent automation by 2020 to keep up with business requirements, alongside: 

It’s a real no-brainer. Improving your digital ecosystem makes a better employee experience which helps your business to do better. So how exactly does this work?

How Automation Improves Employee Experience?

Today, ITSM and employee experience are joined at the hip. Ultimately, we’re all real people, with real potential, real talents and real flaws. We can be just as impatient as we can be innovative, especially when we just need simple things to work correctly. 

To reach that state of blissful employee experience, that ‘sum of marginal gains’, you need to create a seamless line of work for your team; one that makes sense. So how does automation, provided by an experienced ITSM solutions provider such as KTSL, help create an overall better employee experience?

Get Closer to Your Data

Business data is invaluable. You need it to work properly, you need it for visibility and you need it for decision-making. 

Maintaining consistent and accurate monitoring and analysis of data is how you retain your competitive advantage. You can do this by automating your service management processes. 

At KTSL, we help automate processes with intuitively-designed system parameters. This means you can easily monitor key metric data used to modify your strategies - alleviating the issues caused by any lack of visibility. 

Leverage AI for Collaboration

Unresolved service desk tickets represent a cycle of unproductivity and bad employee experience. Did you know you can eliminate this frustration instantly with AI? 

You can onboard a chatbot or virtual service desk agent to handle the initial request and ticket creation. After that, the right response is given so the employee resolves the issue for themselves or is forwarded to the right support quickly. 

Our solution, KUPA Artificial Intelligence, recognises natural language patterns in company communications and provides IT ticket query answers. Users begin a conversation and receive a solution, meaning you no longer need to raise a ticket. 

This allows problem and knowledge managers to get deep into the data, identifying solutions faster and ensuring end-users build upon their capability to self-serve - saving time in the future. 

Doesn’t this sound great? You’re given a fast and responsive ITSM-support enabler and your employees get a more efficient place to work in. This leads to better retention and less absenteeism as you’ve provided the facilities that give employees the ability to get their work done to their expectations. 

You onboard these kinds of software solutions to become more productive and to genuinely help people. Learn more about AI for collaboration in our detailed webinar here

Unlock Your Time

According to Smartsheet’s survey on automation, 40% of workers spend more than 25% of their workweek on manual, repetitive tasks. We’ve all been there - lots on our plate, most of them simple, yet time-consuming tasks. We’d rather work on the projects that require human innovation and creativity. The stuff that would really advance business growth. 

These manual tasks are a headache. Plus, humans perform them in a linear fashion, one after the other. We want to help you evolve past spending time stuck on those kinds of tasks. 

We also understand time is so important. With more freed-up time, we experience better human interaction. When employees regain time by automating menial tasks, they’re given more time to create, innovate and share ideas. Frequently practised collaboration results in better teamwork, brings the team closer and develops more robust social relationships. Great for them, great for you. 

Our ITSM solutions carry out tasks simultaneously with accuracy. This means productivity rises, which will provide an incentive for employees who’ll have access to increased amounts of gathered data - so the big picture stuff is easier to strategise. 

Capture Consistency

Consistency across work is important. Ensuring the job is done in the right way is invaluable in the way of work. We want to help capture that consistency. Through automation and ITSM, it’s easily found. 

Our solutions help ensure:

  • Every action is performed identically to the parameters set out by the controller.
  • Every action is standardised, ensuring consistency within that specific task. 

For employers, a combination of automation and ITSM is a gamechanger, achieving results on the ‘factory floor’ and improving the working environment for employees enterprise-wide. 


When it comes to digital transformation, improved performance and productivity, we understand the user journey that strives for these. We’re the UK’s longest-serving BMC reseller and provide our own suite of innovative tech solutions that help businesses experience a better working environment and enable and empower their workforce. 

We want to help bring those improvements to your business. At KTSL, we help revolutionise the IT ecosystem at the heart of your employee experience.

The support and use of our multi-channel solutions ensure the continuity and the growth of your IT services. We ensure:

  • Problems are resolved quickly.
  • Insights and analysis are captured. 
  • Solutions are tailormade.
  • IT service desk ticket numbers are reduced.
  • Repetitive, time-consuming manual processes are overcome.
  • Service outages are reduced.

When we work, we work for you, in line with your specifications, requirements and positioning. We’re here to help you work smarter, not harder. 

You also benefit from 24x7 support, so the issues you encounter are solved, quickly and efficiently to help you secure that all-important increased productivity. Your employees will feel assured their work will be supported, in line with their specific requirements and the particular tech stack they’re utilising. 

We aim to make sure you take full advantage of new technology and drive your adoption of enhanced digital services. Whatever you require support with, we're ready to help. To discover more on how we help to improve your employee experience, get in touch. 

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